The Equity Kicker returns – now writing about the future of VC and meditation

Between 2006 and 2016, I wrote something on this blog almost every working day. It was a huge effort but I loved it. People often asked me how I found the time, but when you see value in something, you almost always simply make the time. That value for me has been not only in distilling and consolidating my thoughts – but also reaching and engaging with a much broader audience than I would be able to otherwise. 

But by 2016 things had changed a lot, which meant blogging slowly but surely taking a back seat. We were now three years in at Forward Partners and it was increasingly obvious that the team here should be writing rather than me. As of last summer, I stopped blogging all together. 

Well we’re on the cusp of yet another big change here at Forward Partners, one which has given me the energy and will to get back into it, and so today I’m relaunching the Equity Kicker – with a fresh design update for good measure (a big thanks to Lewis for his help here!).

That big change? Well, I’ve been working on the long term future for Forward Partners and continuing to build on our ambitions to revolutionise the world of venture capital. Continuing to share more of how we see the ‘Applied Venture’ model becoming commonplace is one thing, but another part of that is how servicing founders will evolve more broadly. I’ve personally been exploring how a mindfulness-meditation based service for founders will not only contribute to their personal wellbeing but in turn improve performance. 

So this blog will ongoing be dedicated to these two passions – the future of venture capital and how mindfulness/meditation can support the founder journey. As usual, for all things Forward Partners you can check out our own blog, or for insights, tips and tools for company building from our team, The Path Forward continues to go strong. 

If you’ve read this far, I say thank you and a big welcome back! It feels a bit retro to still be blogging on my own domain but I’m reluctant to lose my archive of posts. So please pass the word on to any friends you have who are interested in mindfulness and/or the future of venture capital, and I hope to see you back here soon!