An ‘iPhone moment’ for wearables may be close

By June 5, 2014 8 Comments

The wearables industry at the moment can be likened to smartphones in the pre-iPhone era. As it was with Nokia Communicators and Blackberrys, quite a few people have them but the experience is generally not very satisfactory and the mainstream isn’t buying yet. In large measure I think that’s because most of them don’t do much more than count steps and step count data isn’t that interesting. Heart rate, galvanic skin response, and accurate motion data are on the roadmap for all sorts of wearables companies and they hold out the promise of realtime data that is useful on an ongoing basis – e.g. to monitor stress levels and alert you before you realise yourself. These could be game changers in the way the iPhone and Apple App Store changed the smartphone game.

The other thing that could change the game is a big push from Apple. Judging from their new ad for the iPhone 5s embedded below that support is upon us.

As an early stage investor I’m excited by the potential for new wearables startups. I think backing companies at the concept stage with enough money to get them through a Kickstarter campaign is an interesting play.