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Opportunities in ecommerce

There’s a good post on Business of Fashion this morning which identifies four ecommerce models that are working in fashion:

  1. Social curation (which they helpfully define as ‘product discovery and connecting people to inspiration’)
  2. Collaborative consumption
  3. Vertically integrated ecommerce
  4. Online market places

These models work in all areas of ecommerce and not just fashion, and I expect we will be making investments in all of them. That said, it is social curation and vertically integrated ecommerce which have me most intrigued. Beyond cheap commodities finding stuff on the web can and will be made easier and more pleasurable and the Maker Movement has the potential to spawn many interesting companies that sell direct. Collaborative consumption also has legs, but I suspect the low hanging fruit has been picked and other areas may be await new technology development before they become feasible. Market places can make for great consumer experiences and great investments, but the concept has been around for a while now and the white space for new ideas is diminishing.

At least that’s how I see it. I’d be interested in your thoughts.