Josh March on the power of social customer service

By April 22, 2013 No Comments

Josh March, Founder and CEO of our portfolio company Conversocial has a great post up on pandodaily explaining why social is making customer service more important. In a single sentence it is because customer service becomes marketing too. On pandodaily Josh tells this story from Conversocial customer GoDaddy which illustrates the point:

A [GoDaddy] customer named Wes Tweeted that he was having problems with his service. He didn’t address the company directly, and he didn’t skimp on the salty language. Regardless, Waisman’s team, monitoring Twitter, soon learned about Wes’s problem, and tweeted back to fix the issue. Later that afternoon, Wes Tweeted again; “You want to know what great customer service is,” he wrote, “then talk to the people at @GoDaddy they tweeted me after seeing that I had a problem.”

Because social is public and because the convention is to make a comment or status update when notable service is received (good or bad) then good customer service delivers not only on customer service objectives, but on marketing objectives as well. As one of the commentors on the pandodaily suggests, the next step might be to divert some of the increasingly ineffective dollars spent on things like TV ad campaigns and use them to improve social customer service.

Hopefully this has piqued your interest to go and read Josh’s post in it’s entirety.