Moblie and social news consumption has crossed the chasm and is well into the mainstream

By September 28, 2012 No Comments

Research out from Pew Internet shows just how far the use of mobile and social to access news has penetrated into the mainstream. As you can see from the chart above radio and newspapers have been the losers so far. TV has held up OK so far but the writing is on the wall. Around a quarter under 30s regularly watching news on TV, down from over a third six years ago, and less than half the average figure for all Americans. Unless these kids radically change their behaviour as they age TV is going to decline rapidly.

Other interesting tidbits from the survey include:

  • Mobile news access has doubled since 2010, with smartphone users leading the charge. This will continue to grow as smartphones improve (welcome to the blindingly fast iPhone5) and smartphone penetration increases from its current 48%.
  • Around half of those who regularly read heavy weight newspapers like the NYT and Washington Post now do so from their mobiles
  • Social media news access is up 3x in two years. 20% of respondents regularly go there for news.
  • Twitter is on the up, but is still surprisingly insignificant as a channel for news. Only 3% of respondents regularly going their for news (up from 2% in 2010).

Mobile and social are big trends in many industries now, but news is in the vanguard.