The worlds leading social businesses: an infographic

By May 23, 2011 3 Comments


This great infographic was created by interactive agency JESS3 and published on Techcrunch this morning.  As well as being a great quick capture of the state of the social media universe it is a good reminder of a couple of points that we all know but need bearing in mind:

  • There are very few truly large social businesses, if you take out Skype and the email services there are only nine with 50m active users or more.  That is a tiny fraction of the number of startups in this sector that aspire to this sort of scale.
  • China is a massive market – Qzone is a Facebook equivalent owned by Tencent that I wasn’t even aware of until recently.
  • Mobile has huge scale – 5.3bn devices is apparently 77% of the world’s population (although that doesn’t account for multiple sims per person), and most of the services on the chart have a significant proportion of their users on mobile.  Facebook has nearly 250m mobile users.
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