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DFJ Esprit portfolio has big share of Euro M&A market

The table below is taken from a presentation we made to the investors in our Fund I last week and shows something my partners and I are pretty proud of, namely that our portfolio companies figure prominently in league tables of recent European exits.  In fact, if you tally up the numbers you will see we were investors in companies representing 54% of the value of M&A in Europe over the last twelve months. 

And we have a couple more in the pipe :).

A couple of caveats are appropriate, the table below is limited to the areas in which we focus, and thus includes only IT and MedTech deals, and excludes biopharma deals.  It also excludes IPOs, of which there were a few good ones last year, including Betfair, Qliktech and Logmein.  Finally, it also excludes the Skype-Microsoft deal, which was announced after the slide was put together.

Additionally, there were other VCs in all bar one of the companies from which we exited, and funds like Index, Accel and Balderton have also profited from these deals.

Without being cheesy, I want to finish with the obvious point that all of this success is down to the hard work and brilliance of the entrepreneurs behind these businesses.  Hats off to them.


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