It’s raining smartphones

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image Walt Mossberg yesterday reviewed two new touchscreen smartphones – the Blackberry Storm2 and the Android based Motorola Cliq.  The runaway success of the iPhone was bound to attract competitors and in the words of Walt “new super-smart phones models seem to be appearing weekly”.

The iPhone remains the gold standard but this is a reminder that we live in a multi-device world.  Walt has the latest app counts across the different platforms are iPhone 85k, Android 10k, Blackberry 3k (for the newer models) and a few hundred each for the latest Windows Mobile phones and the Palm Pre.

Apps remain much more popular on the iPhone than the other platforms not least because they are easier to buy, but there is a clear catch up going on.  And with the half life of many apps measured in weeks rather than months the large headline number of available apps is not the asset it is sometimes held up to be.

The iPhone isn’t perfect either.  I’m back carrying two devices for the first time since I traded my Palm Pilot and Nokia for my first Blackberry.  I used to think that it was only a certain type of guy who carries two phones but now I know it can be because you want an iPhone for browsing and for the apps, but you need a Blacberry for email ;).  Going down a level of detail, having a proper keyboard is an advantage for the Blackberry, but for me not a clincher.  Rather it is email archiving, which is sufficiently quicker on the Blackberry that I can’t even bring myself to start a 30min inbox clearing session on my iPhone.

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