What’s a blog worth??

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Anyone who writes a blog or (I would guess) reads a blog like this one wonders occasionally what the monetisation potential is.  Annecdotally I have known for a while that the answer is ‘not very much’, and that has certainly been my experience.  Last year I earnt what turns out to be the average for blogs that adverstise – £150 (which I gave to charity).

Webpronews has some real data subject, prompted by the announcement of Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) that he is quitting the blogosphere because there isn’t enough money in it:

The day the New York Times blew his Fake Steve Jobs cover, Lyons says, “more than 500,000 people hit my site—by far the biggest day I’d ever had—and through Google’s AdSense program I earned about a hundred bucks. Over the course of that entire month, in which my site was visited by 1.5 million people, I earned a whopping total of $1,039.81. Soon after this I struck an advertising deal that paid better wages. But I never made enough to quit my day job.”

And they also quote some more general data from Technorati:

The message here is clear.  Apart from a very small number of top-top bloggers we are all doing this for reasons other than money!

I think my reasons for writing The Equity Kicker are:

  • To develop my own thinking about where the trends in media and technology are taking us – both via the conversation that happens in the comments and the process of forcing myself to write things down
  • To get to know interesting people who share a passion for the subjects I write about
  • To build profile for DFJ Esprit and our portfolio companies

When I started I had dreams that it might turn into a significant money earner, but those days are long gone 🙁

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