Ad watch – market still growing in US, but very slowly

By November 20, 2008 One Comment

The latest data from the Internet Advertising Bureau shows that US online ad revenues in Q308 were $5.9bn, 8% up on Q307 and 2% up on Q208.  The good news is obviously that it is still growing, the bad news is that these sorts of growth rates are not of the magnitude that will necessarily survive recession.

Nor are they the sort of growth rates that have made this space such fertile ground for startups over recent years.  A rising tide floats all boats, but when the tide stops rising…

This chart nicely illustrates the scale of the growth we have enjoyed.  Note also the similarity in the shape of the Q4 2007-Q3 2008 and Q2 2000-Q4 2000 curves.

I remain a believer in the secular growth story of the internet though, and the good times will return.