IMDB offers full movies and tv programmes

By September 16, 2008 No Comments

As reported on Techcrunch Amazon owned Internet Movie Database (IMDB) will now offer 6,000 movies and videos free of charge from Hulu, CBS, Sony Pictures and hundreds of independent filmmakers.  IMDB is owned by Amazon.

As a service concept I think this is very cool – where better to get the content you want than the place where you go to find out about it in the first place.

It is also getting close to the vision I have had for a long time of how the digital supply chain might end up looking – with destination sites like IMDB, or Yahoo! Movies, or maybe even TIOTI here in the UK being the places people go to decide what they want to watch, and then linking so people can stream the content direct from the owner – e.g. from Hulu or BBC iPlayer.  Maybe that content is watched via an embedded player on the destination site, or maybe the consumer goes over to the content owner’s site, I don’t think that matters too much.  This framework would support either ad funded or subscription models.

The only negative piece to this otherwise nice story is that according to the chatter out there IMDB hasn’t implemented this new functionality like they really mean it.