Myspace close to opening up

By January 30, 2008 2 Comments

Ivan on Snipperoo reported Ben Metacalfe’s announcement:

MySpace Developer Platform opening on Tuesday
So, after months of work by an amazing + passionate team (and I genuinely mean that) the MySpace Developer Platform is very close to being launched – in fact it will go live on 5th Feb.

I was thinking earlier this week that the social networks opening up meme had gone a little quiet, so good to see things are still moving forward fast.  From this post at least it sounds like the Myspace folk are now committed to being open and want to put their past behind them.  I guess time will tell if they mean it or not, but for now you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.   We won’t have long to wait to find out.

As a reminder, open-ness of social networks is a big deal because it makes possible a whole new world of innovation.  Single companies will be able to operate effectively across multiple networks at the same time making new things possible and eliminating dependence on individual socnets, which limits value creation.