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Broadband TV – service layer separating from network layer

By February 26, 2007 4 Comments

Interesting reading on Mashable earlier today that BitTorrent is launching a video store on Monday.  Not surprising I guess since P2P is becoming the transport protocol of choice for broadband TV, with Joost and Bablegum both on this model.

All the high profile IPTV and broadband TV plays out there at the moment combine service and network.  No reason those two should be in the same company.  In fact delivering a quality network, P2P or otherwise, is a very different business to building a good TV service, so you might expect them to be in different companies.  In the old media world where distribution was the scarce resource vertical integration made sense, but in a world of unlimited distribution I am not so sure.

What we are seeing here is BitTorrent moving up the stack in a classic play to capture value.  I wonder if they might be better making their network more TV ready and letting others innovate at the service layer.  They already have the experience, skills and critical mass to succeed as the network so why take the risk of moving into unchartered territory?