How to speak so people will listen

I just watched a great Ted talk by Julian Treasure on how to speak so people will listen. It's embedded below so you can watch the whole thing (highly recommended) but the takeaways so you can remember easily after watching are seven 'deadly sins' to … [Read more]

Why we invest in people AND ideas This Tweet from our friend Nilan Peris in my feed this morning led me to re-read Paul Graham's essay from December: How to be an expert in a changing world. The main point is that in a world of … [Read more]

Entrepreneurs: go deep, not broad

I just read Evan William's post making the point that comparing different companies using a single metric (say unique visitors) is dangerous. He draws an analogy with rectangles, saying that anyone with half an education wouldn't judge the size of a … [Read more]

Be courageous in 2015

Forbes have published a list of the 7 Cs to guide you in 2015: Centre yourself Be curious Be courageous Be candid Be competitive Instil character Embrace change All good advice, but for me 'be courageous' is the most interesting on … [Read more]