Amazon to challenge Google in online advertising?

Amazon has been slowly building an adtech business for the past few years now. Back in 2008 I wrote about the launch of their advertising network and since then there has been a steady trickle of announcements and hires that show they are getting more and more serious about becoming a player in the […]

Google’s domination is total

I was going to write about how I’m getting on with the new Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone today, but I was so gob smacked when I saw this table on AllThingsD that I had to re-blog it.

It is easy today to think of Google as slightly old hat.  The startup that […]

Facebook passes Google in time spent on site

The rise of Facebook is nothing short of meteoric.  This chart was on Business Insider earlier in the week.

Touchscreen web apps

Last week I wrote about the beauty of the touchscreen interfaces on some native iPad apps and then in a post about HTML5 briefly explored the notion that web standards will need to evolve if web apps are going to keep pace with the user experience available in native apps on […]

Establishing authority on the web

Companies have been building ways to establish authority and credibility online since the beginning of the web.  Yahoo started life as ‘Jerry’s guide to the world wide web’, a site where Yahoo founders David Filo and Jerry Yang lent their authority to what they viewed as the best sites.  Google’s link based algorithm […]

Everything is going social – Yahoo showing the way

Yesterday Yahoo announced a deep integration with Facebook, and there is more detail on Techcrunch here.  The integration allows users to:

link their accounts to view and share updates with friends across both networks log into Facebook from the Yahoo home page and other places throughout Yahoo consumer their Facebook newsfeed on the Yahoo […]

Judging market timing when change is inevitable

Yesterday I wrote about the emerging evidence that digital is starting to pay for the music industry and Rhitu Baria commented that it is only a matter of time before the music industry allows new technologies to permeate through, and linked to a post on her blog detailing the history of change in this […]

Yahoo uses Nectar database to improve targeting

Tim Bradshaw has a piece in the FT today describing how Yahoo and offline loyalty card company Nectar are teaming up to help target display ads on Yahoo’s properties:

Online advertisers will be able to target shoppers based on their high-street purchases for the first time in the UK under a […]

Yahoo is moving content from paid to free

Image by Santosh Dawara via Flickr

At a time when newspapers are considering how they can start charging for online content Yahoo is moving in the other direction.  The FT reported this morning that Yahoo has removed the paywall from in front of their realtime stock quotes and from […]

App stores just a flash in the pan?

FactoryJoe wrote an amusing tongue in cheek piece around a month ago poking fun at the app store.  He called it Steve Jobs hates the app store…  As well as doing a great job of charting the problems of the app store, many of which we’ve discussed here before he also […]