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What investors look for in a startup

The post below first appeared as a guest post by me on the Web Summit Blog


If you ask most VCs what they look for in a startup they will say great team, great product and great market. Then, if you press them for more detail most will say that for them the team [...]

Top 20 cities for venture capital – London in at #7

The table below was published by Martin Prosperity. The data is for deals of $5m-200m from 2010-13 and hence excludes lots of deals that are included in other studies which show a much larger market.

Given that San Francisco and San Jose/Silicon Valley are effectively one market the right way to think about this [...]

Standard termsheets

We have a standard termsheet that we’ve used on our last few deals and plan to publish in the near future once we’ve ironed out some final wrinkles. The thing with standard termsheets is that they go straight to the position where you would normally expect to end up after negotiation. Normal termsheets, by [...]

Andreessen Horowitz and the disruption of Silicon Valley

The Andreessen-Horowitz (A16Z) story is little short of amazing. In the traditionally slow moving world of venture capital they have gone from standing start to raising $4bn across three funds in 5 years – Summit Partners, an older highly successful later stage VC took 15 years to achieve the same feat. In addition to raising money [...]

$1bn invested in UK startups in last six months

In June I shared some CBInsights data on investment into London startups through Q1 under the headline London: A startup ecosystem in the making. This week TechCrunch published Crunchbase data for the whole of the UK showing a similarly strong picture.

Success begets success in the startup world and these investment figures wouldn’t be happening if [...]

The worlds largest food companies are all ancient…

Business Insider just published an infographic showing the Ten companies that control nearly everything we eat and their sub brands. Eyeing the list I was struck that there are no new companies there. Digging into it a bit further it turns out that the average age of these companies is 107 (and that’s taking the [...]

Space; the next frontier – now at the mainframe computing moment

There were two Tweets about satellites in my newsfeed this morning. Usually there aren’t any.

The first was an Economist article about nano-satellites describing how satellites are getting smaller and cheaper. Remember what that did to the computer market? We could well be on the brink of something similarly transformational in satellites. Nano-satellites weigh as little [...]

Why entrepreneurs and VCs perceive risk differently

Last week I wrote that a $1m revenue run rate and 20% month-on-month growth is a good benchmark to assess whether a transactional company is ready for a Series A, and then over the weekend I had a conversation on Twitter about whether investing in companies with a $1m revenue run rate was ‘venture’ capital [...]

Revenue benchmark for Series A – $1m run-rate and 20% MoM growth

Entrepreneurs are always asking us when we think their company will be strong enough to pull off a good Series A, which you can think of as $1-2+m Series A at at least a $3m pre-money. Every company is different and there are as many exceptions as companies that follow the rules but if your company sells [...]

London: A startup ecosystem in the making

It’s great to see the London startup ecosystem progressing like this. It would be even better if we were posting regular record quarters in funds raised and the number of deals done wasn’t flat Q1-Q2, but this data is very encouraging. Another year of similar growth and things will be very exciting…

There’s a breakdown of [...]