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Explaining why TMT M&A deals at highest level since 2006

Over the weekend the FT wrote that the value of TMT M&A deals in Q1 was $174bn, the highest level since 2006 and up 65% on the year ago period.

The market is hot right now. No doubt about it. The $174bn includes a bunch of cable deals that aren’t relevant for the startup [...]

The large cost of telling small lies

I just read an inspiring post about The surprisingly large cost of telling small lies. It tells the story of an angel investor called Peter who warns of the cost of lying. Talking about small lies such as exaggerating metrics or omitting facts he says:

that telling lies is the No. 1 reason entrepreneurs [...]

Balancing entrepreneurial drive and instinct with lean and other methodologies

On Tuesday night Michael Breidenbruecker, founder of, RJDJ and all round nice guy gave a talk for around 50 of our friends and portfolio company staff (thanks again Michael). One of the interesting things about the story is that success took a while to come. There were, I think, 2-3 years of [...]

Contribute to mindfulness research

I’m a big believer in the power of meditation and mindfulness to bring about a big improvement in people’s lives. It’s made a big difference to mine over the last twelve months and I’m meeting an increasing number of people who have experienced something similar. I think there’s a very good chance that much [...]

Turning visitors into users: initiate the habit loop

The goal of most consumer focused startups is to become an automatic habit for their customers and I’ve written before about Nir Eyal’s powerful Desire Engine framework for building habit forming services (tl;dr: take users round and round a four step habit loop – trigger, action, reward, investment). Yesterday Nir wrote about applying this [...]

Amazing flying robots

Artificial intelligence and robotics will be massive drivers of change and opportunity over the next few years and I love looking at what leading edge robots can do. Partly it gives a sense of what will soon be in the mainstream changing our lives and partly it’s an awe inspiring reminder of how fast [...]

Characteristics of great entrepreneurs

YC partner Sam Altman, who someone recently described to me as ‘more intelligent than Paul Graham, but without the personality quirks’ has published a list of what he describes as characteristics of successful companies. It’s a great list, but for my money it’s more about the entrepreneur than the business – e.g. it doesn’t [...]

Robots coming soon to a service job near you


At Forward Partners we like to look at extreme consumers and think whether their behaviour will come the mainstream. ABC have just published news of the Pengheng Space Capsule Hotel in Shenzhen, China which is an extreme business whose behaviour will, I think, come to mainstream businesses. From the doorman, to the [...]

Looking forward to Transcendence the movie

I’ve just seen the trailer for upcoming sci-fi movie Transcendence (embedded below) and I can’t wait for the 18 April release date. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a movie. Transcendence is about one of my favourite subjects – the point when humans escape the limitations of our physical form, [...]

The dangers of viral growth

Pandodaily just published an analysis of The 20 most viral companies of the last decade. Only six of them are deemed ‘winners’ in the sense that they are still valuable properties today. Several more of them had good exits before ultimately flaming out, so in a way they won, but not in a way [...]