Imagining the next iteration of paid TV

I read two facts this morning that got me thinking about how TV will look in the future:

YouTube stars are more popular than mainstream celebs with US teens 16-24 year olds watch substantially less TV (50% of watching activities vs 69% for all adults) and more YouTube (8% of watching activities vs 2% for […]

YouTube revenues forecast to hit $5.6bn this year

eMarketer are predicting that YouTube revenues will hit $5.6bn this year, 50% up on last year (reported in the Guarian). Here are some other relevant facts:

Projections of YouTube’s revenues are increasing over time – in May Morgan Stanley were predicting $4bn The growth is coming from young people who are watching most of […]

YouTube is now the new television

I just read that over 33% of viewing time on YouTube can now be attributed to videos that are 20 minutes or longer – i.e. long form content. There are now 1bn people viewing YouTube each month watching over 6bn hours of videos, so there’s a lot of TV style content being watched on […]

Streaming services dependent on pirating

Streaming media services from companies like Spotify and Netflix have long argued to big media owners that streaming is the way to capture market share back from pirate sites and hence increase revenues. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, put it like this recently (from Torrentfreak):

“Certainly there’s some torrenting that goes on, and that’s […]

YouTube launches channel subscriptions

Google yesterday announced the launch of paid subscriptions for YouTube channels. So far this is only for a pilot group of around 30 hand-picked channels, but they say they are going to expand to a broader list of qualified partners that will operate on a self-service basis. I take that to mean that getting […]

Netflix’s big numbers

Netflix announced Q1 results yesterday, and they topped 1bn in quarterly revenues for the first time and reached 33m subscribers. No mean feat. But the numbers that really caught my eye are that Netflix will spend $350m this year delivering its service, and a further $2bn on content rights. Those are some punchy expenses […]

Why incumbents fail to respond to the threat of new entrants

Fred Wilson posted yesterday about the emerging battle between Netflix and HBO. Netflix’s strategy of developing their own premium content is in full swing now that House of Cards has been released. For those that haven’t read about it (or, since Friday, seen it) House of Cards is a high budget, all-star-cast 13 episode […]

Opportunities around the video space

The long heralded shift in viewing away from traditional television towards new services, formats, and devices is now well underway. People are watching the same content via newish services like Netflix and Lovefilm, they are watching new types of content on Youtube and they are increasingly doing all this viewing on mobiles and tablets […]

The power of Youtube

The stats for Youtube are impressive – 4bn hours viewed per month, growing at an annualised rate of 50% – but probably more exciting right now is the way they are re-imagining the television experience for both viewers and advertisers.

Elizabeth Murdoch, founder and CEO of ‘traditional’ TV production company Shine, now part of […]

ITV results cast light on way forward for traditional TV companies

UK broadcaster ITV announced their results yesterday and the differing fortunes of the two halves of their business show the way forward for traditional TV companies everywhere. The two parts of the ITV business are content production and content distribution. The production business is doing well with shows like Downton Abbey getting large audiences […]