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Her – a movie about artificial intelligence


Last night Fiona and I watched Her, a kind and sensitive film about love between a human and an artificial intelligence. I’ve embedded the trailer above in case you want to take a look.

It’s a great film on two levels. Firstly as a modern era human love story and secondly for the [...]

Startups: make your sites responsive

Google has upped the intelligence of it’s mobile search and now indicates when sites won’t render well on a mobile device. It’s a short step from there to not putting those sites in the top search results. This comes in the year when Google expects mobile search volume to pass desktop search volume, and [...]

Bitcoin: things only grow this fast when something important is happening

Coindesk just published their quarterly ‘State of Bitcoin‘ presentation. This slide stood out for me:

Looking at the massive year on year increases in most of these metrics I’m reminded of some wise words from Jeff Bezos. In around 2002 I was stuck in my hotel room in Egypt due to food poisoning and [...]

Scaling user growth: don’t bank on partnerships

Andrew Chen has a great post up detailing the ways to scale user growth. He lists the four (paid, viral, SEO, sales – for B2B) and then ‘other’ in which he says:

There’s the odd partnership, like Yahoo/Google, that can help make or break a startup – but these are rare and situational. But [...]

Kids don’t care about cars

I’ve been writing a lot recently about how fast new markets are created and old ones are dying. Here’s some more. I just finished reading Kids don’t care about cars which is an ode to how fast things are changing.

It opens by making the point that baby-boomers choose cars for how they make other people [...]

A big industry is born and peaks within 13 years

It’s been widely reported this morning that music downloads are now in decline. If you take the launch of the first iPod as the date when music downloads started to become a meaningful market then the time from inception to decline is a meagre 13 years.

As an indicator of the significance of the download [...]

Are economists to blame for growing wealth inequality?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the dangers of growing wealth inequality and suggested that governments take action to promote social mobility and increase back to work training budgets. The unstated assumption behind that post is that growing inequality is an inevitable byproduct of modern capitalism and politics is the only source of redress.


Warning for smart people – beware invalid rationalisations

A decade ago I worked in the venture capital team at Reuters, a company then famous for only hiring smart people, and I saw first hand the dangers of only working with clever people. The smart folk at Reuters would embark on projects that they thought were in the company’s best interests and make strong [...]

Researchers find cognitive bias in monkeys

I love it when scientists find human characteristics in monkeys. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s fun to anthropomorphise or because it tells us that those characteristics are embedded deeply in our DNA. Probably both.

Perhaps the best known example is that monkeys have a keen sense of fairness, many studies have now shown [...]

Exponential growth in US lawsuits

Chris Dixon posted this chart on Twitter yesterday.

Growth this rapid is highly remarkable. I know that the US government is onto the issue of patents. They’d better do something soon.