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Tips for companies attending office hours

Every month we run an open office hours. It’s a great way for us to meet with lots of founders, improve our deal flow and hopefully give a little back to teh community.. Many other VCs do something similar.

We’ve just had our October office hours, and we’ve now met with approaching 100 founders through [...]

More big IoT numbers: 33bn connected devices by 2020

33bn connected devices in the next six years, up from 12bn predicted at the end of this year. That will be four for every person on the planet. As others have said before me, our grandparents could count their electric motors, our parents could count the things they owned with a chip inside, and [...]

The best of times, the worst of times

I read two startling different commentaries on the health of the UK as a society this morning that made me recall the “best of times, the worst of times” quote from Dickens.

First up was a highly optimistic piece in the Financial Times titled Miserablism risks causing Britain serious harm which argues that we should all [...]

Optimism and skepticism in evaluating startup investments

In a recent interview Marc Andreessen said:

I’m optimistic arguably to a fault, especially in terms of new ideas. My presumptive tendency, when I’m presented with a new idea, is not to ask, “Is it going to work?” It’s, “Well, what if it does work?”

That got me thinking. Andreessen is a smart guy who [...]

Software is eating the pop world

I’ve just seen the video below of virtual popstar Hatsune Miku, a virtual popstar from Japan, as a guest on the David Letterman show. If that’s not enough for you check out this video of her performing live in front of thousands of fans in LA (caveat: the quality is poor and you have to [...]

Prioritisation: The difference between efficiency and effectiveness

The following quote is up on The Heretic today. It’s a great reminder:

Efficient people are well organized and competent. They check things off their to-do list. They complete projects. They get stuff done.

Effective people do all that, but they check the right things off their to-do list. They complete the right projects. [...]

Bubble watch: Elite tech CEOs are getting worried

Venturebeat published an interesting survey this morning which found that 42% of the tech CEOs they interviewed see evidence of a bubble. The infographic above shows the companies they are most worried about.

The market is definitely hot right now, but in the UK at least it doesn’t feel like it did in [...]

How hard should founders work?

This thread on Quora got me thinking about how investors should think about the work rate of the founders they invest in.

The first answer is that it shouldn’t matter.

If a founder finds a way to build a valuable business in two hours a week we’d be delighted for her. Everybody wins.

In [...]

“This is an incredible time for technology firms in our city”

CityAM reported yesterday that fundraising in London’s tech sector is currently up over 30 per cent on last year’s $719.3m total, and there’s still three months still left in 2014. The figures are from London and Partners, the Mayor’s promotions agency.

Mayor Boris Johnson said:

These figures show, without any question, that this is an [...]

The dangers of raising too much money

Last week Marc Andreessen fired off one of his now famous Tweetstorms about the problems that having too high a cash burn can bring. These are the money tweets (if that’s a thing..):

Marc was talking about large companies with huge burn rates, but they also apply at the earlier stages. I regularly get [...]