New Pew Internet data–Twitter growing, but Facebook still teens’ favourite

As you can see from the latest Pew Internet research Facebook is still used by far more teenagers than any other social sites, and that they were used by more teenagers in 2012 than in 2011. It is of course possible that more teenagers are using Facebook, but they are doing so less […]

Even the oldies are on Facebook now…

This chart from recent Ofcom research is up on Techcrunch today. It shows pretty clearly that an increasing number of people are social networking across all ages, with an especially large increase amongst those age 55+. I imagine this activity is largely on Facebook, with maybe a little on Twitter.

One intesesting thing to […]

State of the internet: Mobile and social still big growth drivers

Earlier this week Mary Meeker published an update to her by now legendary internet trends presentation and Nielsen published their Social Media Report 2012. Taken together they tell us clearly that mobile and social are still growing very fast. As you can see from the charts below the mobile share of internet traffic share […]

Social media demands a change in the way we judge people-case study of US politician

The Republican Party of Maine has been attacking Democratic State Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz for playing World of Warcraft and for saying on user forums that she enjoyed the violence of the game.

Ars Technica have written up the whole affair and the flow of their article brilliantly exposes the challenges that social media […]

Analytics for Pinterest–what will the data show?

Things have gone a little quiet on Pinterest, after all the hype at the beginning of year and their $1.5bn valuation in May, but they are the third most popular social network (according to Experian) and according to AddThis Pinterest referral traffic across its network of 14m domains was 30% higher than Twitter for […]

On social network transience and profitability

Consider this piece of logic from Derek Powazek:

The flow, as I see it, works like this.

We want to be a social network. The more people in it, the more “value” it has, so we need everyone to join. Because we want everyone to join, we cannot put up a pay barrier, so […]

New study–percentage of population interacting with brands via social media doubles in eight months

The rise and rise of social media has been the biggest story in the startup world over the last decade, and one of the biggest stories globally full stop. I think that over the next ten years the story will shift from the rise of social media platforms themselves to how we use them […]

I wish people wouldn’t take liberties with my social network

I spent some time yesterday updating the background on my Twitter page. I was looking for something that was a little edgy and subtly indicated London, and I like where I ended up. It’s from a picture by London graffiti artist Banksy of a girl losing her heart shape balloon. Go take a look and […]

Pinterest – a case study in capital efficiency

Pinterest is an awe inspiring example of how much can be achieved with minimal investment in tech and people these days. As most of you will know, the enablers are cloud computing and open source software. What is interesting in this case is the power of those enablers.

I just read the following numbers […]

LinkedIn harnesses the power of intent in a social network

Search advertising is generally thought to be more powerful than display advertising because when a user searches for something they often have an intent to buy it. Social networks (along with email and other communications services) are amongst the worst places for display advertising on this measure as most users are there to talk […]