How to speak so people will listen

I just watched a great Ted talk by Julian Treasure on how to speak so people will listen. It’s embedded below so you can watch the whole thing (highly recommended) but the takeaways so you can remember easily after watching are seven ‘deadly sins’ to avoid:

gossip judging negativity complaining excuses lying dogmatism

and for […]

Contribute to mindfulness research

I’m a big believer in the power of meditation and mindfulness to bring about a big improvement in people’s lives. It’s made a big difference to mine over the last twelve months and I’m meeting an increasing number of people who have experienced something similar. I think there’s a very good chance that much […]

Willpower and making the most of mornings

I was reading this morning ab0ut what the most successful people do before breakfast (a post largely based on a book by Laura Vanderkam), and there are two big takeaways:

Firstly willpower is a muscle. It becomes fatigued from over-use, but when you exercise it regularly your willpower gets stronger. Better still, if you […]

Five ways to increase your intelligence

I’m a big believer in continuous self-improvement and hence I read a lot of articles like You can increase your intelligence: 5 ways to maximise your cognitive potential which appeared in Scientific American yesterday. This is a great one. It’s reasonably accessible whilst also containing enough science to be convincing, and I love that scientists […]

The benefits of eight hours sleep

I try hard to get 7.5-8 hours sleep every night. I’ve been doing that for the 2-3 years since I read Kurzweil’s Transcend and various other books and articles which stressed the benefits of getting enough sleep and the dangers of not. I’ve just now finished watching Russell Foster’s Ted talk Why do we sleep? which […]

The benefits of meditation

A study by the Texas Tech University has found that five hours of mediation training over two weeks leads to increased activity in the areas of the brain associated with self control:

The researchers also conducted brain scans of participants before and after the training regiments, finding that at resting state, participants in the […]

Smart watches and wearable computing

Samsung are rumoured to be announcing their Galaxy Gear smartwatch on September 4th and Apple is widely expected to release an iWatch within the next year.

So smart watches are hot.

But will they fly as mainstream devices?

To my mind that’s an open question.

The Galaxy Gear sounds great. It’s likely to be […]

Take care of your brain like you would take care of a muscle

This TEDx video from Daniel Amen gives a great explanation of how to take care of your brain. He has taken over 63,000 brain scans over the last 20 years and has found that the brain scans of people with bad habits are all gnarly and horrible. A gnarly scans mean a physically […]

Why I decided to have a knee operation

UPDATE: Now with title…

I’m sitting at home now recovering from a knee operation I had yesterday. I had my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructed and a tear in the meniscus repaired with a couple of stitches. The ACL is a ligament that runs from the front to the back of the knee and […]

Barefoot running, Achilles tendonitis, and my recovery story

Six months ago my achilles were trashed. The combination of low level pain and fear of making them worse meant that riding my bike or running were both out, and I could only walk at a snail’s pace – maybe 25% of my normal walking speed. I was having to get taxis everywhere (which […]