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Should new companies build an app before a website?

As you can see from the chart above time spent accessing the web from mobile apps has now passed time spent accessing the web for PCs. Moreover, the trends are only going one way, which begs the question of when it will become the norm for startups to build an app before they [...]

Whither tablets?

At the moment it seems everyone is talking about a blog post by Andreessen Horrozitz partner Zal Bilimoria titled Our love affair with the tablet is over. First, I love that he used the picture above to illustrate his point, and second, I think he is dead right. Bilmoria was formerly of Netflix. These [...]

Smartphones are topping out with regard to speed

Techcrunch did a fun test where they placed all versions of the iPhone next to each other and ran a speed test. You can see the video here, the the main takeaway is:

After the 4S, the speed differences for basic day-to-day activities (like loading a page) start to get pretty slim with each [...]

Smartphones will provide the intelligence for other devices

In the last couple of days Samsung have launched their Galaxy Gear Smartwatch and Sony have launched their QX Smart Lens which attaches to smartphones. The watch duplicates a lot of phone functionality whilst the lens pairs with a phone so it doesn’t need it’s own screen.

I think the Sony device shows the way of [...]

Microsoft buys Nokia’s devices division – where’s the excitement?

The big news in the tech world this morning is that Microsoft has bought Nokia’s devices division for $7.2bn or $7.7bn, depending on who you believe. Either way it is a lot of money and these are two iconic brands that dominated the tech landscape in the 1990s. Sadly both have been in decline [...]

Celebrating meritocracy: Happy 5th birthday to the Apple app store

Apple’s app store is five years old today, and it is hard to overstate the impact that it has had on mobile and web services. Apps have replaced URLs as the dominant method for accessing many online services and its dominance is such that people have rushed to apply the app paradigm to other [...]

Gartner has increased their mobile ad projections, display to grow fastest

Gartner have just released revised mobile advertising projections, showing a total market of $11.4bn for 2013, up 19% from last year. The numbers are up from their November forecast due to faster than predicted take up of tablets and smartphones, and the growth has come at the expense of print advertising.

Gartner also [...]

In search of common standards for text input

Like many people these days and, I suspect just about everybody in the future, I now use a range of computing devices to do email, browse the web, and access the various web services I use. I’m typing this post on my laptop (still far and away the best device for blogging), I do [...]

2012 has been ‘the year of mobile’ but the big mobile ad acquisitions were made three years ago

VatorTV had an article this morning reporting on the growth in mobile advertising. They note from the eMarketer chart inset right that US mobile ad spend is up 180% this year to $4.1bn and say that “after years and years of every year being proclaimed as the ‘year of mobile’ it finally happened [...]

My disappointing Android upgrade

About a month ago I dropped my old Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the floor at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris and when I picked it up the screen was quite badly cracked. I was of course annoyed at myself for dropping the phone but a little part of me was quite [...]