Cars with no steering wheels and real time translation

My news feeds were buzzing this morning with talk of two product demos at codecon yesterday. Interestingly they were both from large, established companies, not startups:

Google co-founder Sergey Brin demonstrated a ‘built From scratch to be driverless’ car with no steering wheel, pedals or mirrors Microsoft’s new CEO Saya Nadella demonstrated real time […]

Musings on Bitcoin following last week’s volatility

The chatter around Bitcoin reached frenzy levels last week as the Bitcoin:US$ exchange rate shot up and then crashed by over 50%. The chart above shows just how much volatility there was.

As many people have observed, one of the functions of a currency is to store value, and with this level […]

The real disruption in education is taking kids out of the classroom

The news in the FT this morning (paywall, sorry) is that Amol Bhave, a 17-year-old from Jabalpur, India has been accepted into MIT based on his results in online courses offered by edX, a non-profit online education venture founded by Harvard and MIT. Amol said the following about his decision to take online courses […]

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

Yesterday saw the first awards for the new Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. The £1m prize was split between Tim Berners-Lee, Bob Kahn, Vint Cerf, Louis Pouzin and Marc Andreessen – five of the key guys responsible for creating the standards and software that run the web.

This prize will now be awarded every […]

The coming legislative, political and philosophical challenges

There is an interesting article by Om Malik on GigamOM today about disgruntled Uber drivers and how they represent the thin end of the wedge of a change in labour relations. It seems these Uber drivers were dropped from Uber because they weren’t highly rated. It is easy to say that good service should […]

New nutrition index pushes food companies to do better

Accesss to Nuttrition have just published their inaugral Nutrition Index which ranks food companies according to improving nutrition. It is a thorough piece of work which takes the nutrtional value of companies’ products, the availability the availability of those products, corporate strategy, marketing practices, and product labelling into account.

I think this is great. […]

The physical dollars that turned to digital pennies are now becoming mobile pennies10^(-1)

With all the press and analyst speculation last year that the transition to mobile might undermine Facebook’s revenues this isn’t new news but reading an FT article this morning titled Digital cinders spark mobile forest fire the penny finally dropped for me that after the transition to digital shrank many industries, the transition to […]

Playing with the internet of things – my new Twine

My Twine arrived today and I’ve spent the last couple of hours trying to set it up to monitor how often our cat Polly goes in and out of the house.

For those that haven’t come across it Twine is a small box that  you can attach sensors to which then monitor things that […]

Stakeholder value vs shareholder value

Yesterday I wrote some early thoughts on progressive business. I finished the post by wondering whether we are seeing the start of a trend towards doing business in a better way and how far those changes can go.

The change to progressive business is multi-faceted and whilst we can see that if something is […]

Some thoughts on progressive (or better) business

I’ve been doing a lot of physio since my knee injury which is an annoying time sink, but has the upside that I’ve been doing a lot more reading and thinking than normal. I’ve just finished Culture Shock by Will McInnes (read my review here) and Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl (read […]