App store discovery a little less broken?

It’s a common refrain that the process by which apps are found or discovered is broken. Discovery and hence download volumes are driven more than anything by ‘app store placement’ and by being ‘featured’, both of which seem to be more down to the whim of Apple and Google than the merit of the app. What we […]

Space; the next frontier – now at the mainframe computing moment

There were two Tweets about satellites in my newsfeed this morning. Usually there aren’t any.

The first was an Economist article about nano-satellites describing how satellites are getting smaller and cheaper. Remember what that did to the computer market? We could well be on the brink of something similarly transformational in satellites. Nano-satellites weigh as little […]

$40bn wiped off newspaper ad revenues in ten years

In 1942 Joseph Schumpeter wrote that creative destruction is an ‘essential fact of capitalism’. Old ways of doing things need to fall aside to make space for more productive methods. Another essential fact of capitalism is that it drives an ever increasing pace of change, and we see these two essential facts coming together in the […]

Google slashes cloud prices

I love Amazon and AWS for the way they keep cutting their prices and for the way they support the startup ecosystem. As an example they offer Forward Partners companies, and the companies from many accelerator programmes $10,000 of AWS credits, effectively making it free to get started on their platform. For these reasons […]

What Google looks for when hiring – hint: not good grades

I’ve just read about an interview with Laszlo Bock, head of hiring for Google. Here’s what they look for in candidates:

Cognitive ability – the ability to learn, to process on the fly, and to pull together disparate information Emergent leadership – the ability to step up and lead when necessary and to step […]

Android is on a path to total dominance

As you can see from the chart above (produced by Microsoft) Android devices have been outselling iOS devices for a couple of years now. However,  many of the Android devices were barely smartphones and device sales were only half the story. The app economy was the other half of the story, and iOS was […]

YouTube revenues forecast to hit $5.6bn this year

eMarketer are predicting that YouTube revenues will hit $5.6bn this year, 50% up on last year (reported in the Guarian). Here are some other relevant facts:

Projections of YouTube’s revenues are increasing over time – in May Morgan Stanley were predicting $4bn The growth is coming from young people who are watching most of […]

Google acquires seven robotics startups

Over the last six months Google has secretly acquired seven robotics startups. They are all being merged into a secret project managed by Andy Rubin the former chief of Android, and the project is being viewed similarly to other Google moonshot projects like Google Glass and Project Loon. Judging by statements from Larry […]

Google’s project Loon

I love Google for their bold innovation – driverless cars, Google Glass, but most of all Project Loon. For those that haven’t come across it Project Loon plans to bring internet connectivity to the world through a network of balloons floating twelve miles high in the upper atmosphere. These balloons will be blown around […]

Amazon to challenge Google in online advertising?

Amazon has been slowly building an adtech business for the past few years now. Back in 2008 I wrote about the launch of their advertising network and since then there has been a steady trickle of announcements and hires that show they are getting more and more serious about becoming a player in the […]