More musings on passwords–solution needs to be easier as well as more secure

Last week I wrote about my frustration with passwords. A number of you chipped in saying you shared the feeling and a few of you suggested services that can help with the problem.

These services break down into two groups.

The first group run client software (maybe in the browser) and automatically enter […]

Designing for viral growth

I don’t post many infographics here, but this is a great one. It covers concepts like the viral co-fficient and time through the viral loop and lists out a bunch of tactics for increasing virality. None of this stuff is new, but this list is comprehensive and it’s great to have it in one […]

Customer segmentation and the need for good data

There was a good post on Gamesbrief a couple of days back about customer segmentation – i.e. dividing the customer base into groups based on behavioural characteristics and targeting each group with different communication campaigns. The article starts by saying that most game developers intuitively understand that player segmentation is important, and goes on […]

The changing dynamics of consumer internet investing

Fred Wilson wrote yesterday about changes in the consumer web and their implications for startups. Frist he observed that the large platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon, MSFT, Twitter, etc) are ‘starting to suck up a lot of the oxygen’ making it ‘harder than ever to build a large audience from a standing start’. Secondly, he […]

Winning services help people do what they already want to do

My friend Sokratis posted a link to the video below in a comment on the post I wrote Wednesday about building habit forming consumer services. The main point of that post was introducing Nir Eyal’s concept of the Desire Engine – a trigger, action, (variable) reward, commitment loop.

In the video behaviour change expert […]

Building habit forming consumer internet services

I’ve just spent an hour reading the excellent nirandfar blog by Stanford psychology and business lecturer Nir Eyal. The most important post sets out Nir’s concept of the Desire Engine which is a framework for building habit forming services. His other posts explore elements of the framework in more detail (e.g. building commitment by […]

On social network transience and profitability

Consider this piece of logic from Derek Powazek:

The flow, as I see it, works like this.

We want to be a social network. The more people in it, the more “value” it has, so we need everyone to join. Because we want everyone to join, we cannot put up a pay barrier, so […]

When consumer internet companies should get a business model

Frank Lee, who is a new partner at Lightbank, the VC behind Groupon gave an interview to Business Insider last week.  His comment on consumer internet companies and business models summed up my own thinking neatly:

the point that I’m cognizant of is that at the end of the day, these things [consumer internet […]

Smartphones as sensor platforms for health tracking

Earlier in the year I wrote a couple of posts about the future of healthcare from a consumer products perspective.  One of my points was that data gathered from smart phones and specialist wireless health devices will enable a new generation of products, and I named a couple that I have been using.  […]

Does augmented reality need to use the camera?

I blogged about Dutch virtual reality business Layar last week and I spent 20 minutes last night playing with the app whilst I was waiting for a friend to come meet me for a drink in north London.  As I mentioned in last weeks post they have an active developer community and what these […]