Introducing the Curve

The Curve is a new concept and book from my friend Nicholas Lovell that describes how to make money in a world when everything is trending to free. Nicholas has been helping the games industry adapt to ‘free’ for a while with freemium strategies where most users to play for free whilst super fans […]

Proven value-add characteristics for physical products

Alan Patrick just wrote a post about London’s prospects as a centre for manufacturing. Along the way he wrote about the characteristics that are proven to add value to physical products:

Short Lead Times/Available now High Design Input to create differentiation Fast change/Fashion – make things that are hard for long lead time supply chains […]

Opportunities in ecommerce

There’s a good post on Business of Fashion this morning which identifies four ecommerce models that are working in fashion:

Social curation (which they helpfully define as ‘product discovery and connecting people to inspiration’) Collaborative consumption Vertically integrated ecommerce Online market places

These models work in all areas of ecommerce and not just fashion, […]

Stakeholder value vs shareholder value

Yesterday I wrote some early thoughts on progressive business. I finished the post by wondering whether we are seeing the start of a trend towards doing business in a better way and how far those changes can go.

The change to progressive business is multi-faceted and whilst we can see that if something is […]

The changing dynamics of consumer internet investing

Fred Wilson wrote yesterday about changes in the consumer web and their implications for startups. Frist he observed that the large platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon, MSFT, Twitter, etc) are ‘starting to suck up a lot of the oxygen’ making it ‘harder than ever to build a large audience from a standing start’. Secondly, he […]

Disintermediation–an old story playing out now

Disintermediation is one of the oldest stories of the internet. From the 1990s onward people have been making the obvious case that the internet is a revolutionary communications platform that can remove the middleman and his cut from all sorts of transactions leaving the parties on both side of the deal to share the […]

Y Combinator growth benchmark

Back in September Y Combinator founder Paul Graham wrote an essay about growth. The central point of his essay is that startups are all about growth and that is the one thing they measure at Y Combinator. According to Paul most startups should look at revenue growth, but active users is a good proxy […]

Musings on the iPhone5, market maturity and open systems

I like open systems. Always have, and probably always will. It’s partly because open-ness begets more innovation, partly because open systems are easier for startups, and partly because I don’t like the way companies that dominate closed systems bully the other participants. The last two points are illustrated well by Apple’s recent ejection of […]

Amazon’s gadget as a service strategy

As you’ve probably seen Amazon announced a slew of new devices yesterday, no smartphone, but their four new Kindles have been well received in the blogoshpere, particularly the Kindle Paperwhite and the new Kindle HD, both of which have got me excited.

Perhaps most interesting though is that once again Amazon is playing the […]

Musings on freemium

I’ve been meaning to write a post on freemium since reading Alan Patrick’s When freemium fails, and doesn’t last week.

The point of Alan’s post is to say that whilst having a freemium business model works for some companies it is not as widely applicable as everyone (including me) thought a couple […]