Announcing our investment in Dataloop

I’m very pleased to let you all know that we have invested in The announcement went live yesterday.

Dataloop provides infrastructure monitoring for cloud services and they fall into our ‘late seed’ category of investment. That means they are up and running and on a 12-18 month path to their Series A. (Our other […]

Pleased that Scotland is still part of the union


No 2,001,926 (55%)

Yes: 1,617,989 (45%)

Turnout: 84.6%

I don’t write much about politics on this blog but I’m making an exception today because it’s great that Scotland has voted to stay part of the United Kingdom. We have enjoyed remarkable political stability as a single country but as separate countries we could have […]

Ice bucket challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been amazing, both as a money raising phenomena and a case study in how quickly memes spread these days.

And so perhaps inevitably my turn came around. I was challenged over the weekend and did it on Tuesday. Watch it below.

I tweeted the video out yesterday to keep […]

My interview on FrenchWeb

Last Friday my friend Steph Bouchet (aka @rougefrog) stopped by our office to interview me for FrenchWeb, embedded below. It’s a good 12 minute intro to Forward Partners, the sort of companies we like, what we do here, and what makes us different. I also talk a little about the current state of the UK startup […]

Starting an ecommerce company? Please apply to Forward Partners Open Day

This is a copy of a post my colleage Dharmesh posted on the Forward Partners blog last week.


We are really pleased to announce our second Forward Partners Open Day during London Tech Week on the 17th of June.

Our team are offering a day of their time to work with you and 3 […]

Welcome Stylect to the Forward Partners portfolio

We’re really happy to welcome Stylect to our portfolio. The deal closed a couple of weeks back and was announced on Techcrunch last week: “Swiping is the new liking” now applies to shoe shopping.

Stylect is a shoe shopping app for iOS which employs a Tinder-esque UI on top of it’s recommendation engine to […]

Announcing SnapTrip

One of the things we like to do at Forward Partners is invest in companies just as they are starting up. That’s what we did with SnapTrip which was literally one man, an idea and a single sheet of Excel when we invested. We loved the man and the idea (the Excel […]

David Norris joins us as Partner

I’m excited to let you know that David Norris joined us today as my Partner. Our mission is to generate superior returns by making great investment decisions and by being amazingly helpful to our companies. The reason I’m excited is that David is THE MAN to deliver on the second part of that promise. […]

Going off grid for three weeks–in India

I’ve now been blogging for six and a half years, posting just about every day that I’ve worked, only pausing for holidays and weekends. I don’t usually write to let you all know when I will be away and not blogging because I don’t want to tell the world that my house will be […]

40 years old today

It’s my 40th birthday today, and I have to say it’s a milestone I’m meeting with mixed emotions. For the last few days I’ve had a nagging sense of disquiet, almost passing to anxiety at times. There was no trigger event or focus that I could pin down, and my best guess is that […]