Amazon using more robots at fulfilment centres – jobs growing slower than reveneues

Amazon is committed to driving down costs and providing better value for its customers. They’ve also been in trouble for paying low wages in their fulfilment centres. Hence it’s not surprising that they are investing heavily in warehouse automation systems. Back in 2012 they acquired robotics company Kiva and now they have announced their latest […]

Company culture is increasingly important – to customers

It’s pretty well recognised now that a strong company culture helps bring success to a business, but what’s new is that a company’s culture is starting to matter to consumers. Moreover, whilst shareholders may judge a company’s culture on how much it contributes to good execution, customers judge it on ethical grounds.

Hence, for […]

Thinking of UX work as a search for new experiences

At the end of yesterday’s post on Android and Amazon Forks Benedict Evans wrote:

Amazon has never been a user experience company in that sense – it thinks about user experience the way Fedex does, as something to focus on ruthlessly, but not as a playground for new experiences.

I’ve been long on Amazon for ages now […]

Google slashes cloud prices

I love Amazon and AWS for the way they keep cutting their prices and for the way they support the startup ecosystem. As an example they offer Forward Partners companies, and the companies from many accelerator programmes $10,000 of AWS credits, effectively making it free to get started on their platform. For these reasons […]

Amazon’s low price strategy

Amazon has long pursued a strategy of winning by pricing low. Many of you will have experienced that strategy first hand with regular price reductions from Amazon Web Services, but it goes right across their business. Their approach has led to strong revenue growth but few profits which has analysts sharply divided – some […]

Build your business strategy around things that aren’t changing

I’m a big fan of Jeff Bezos for what he’s done at Amazon and for the things he says. I just read this on The 20 smartest things Jeff Bezos ever said:

“I very frequently get the question: ‘What’s going to change in the next 10 years?’ And that is a very interesting question; […]

Amazon agrees to play fair with EU marketplace vendors

In response to probes from the Office of Fair Trading in the UK and the Federal Cartel Office in Germany Amazon has dropped its price parity policy in Europe which stipulated that Amazon Marketplace vendors couldn’t offer the same goods on different websites at lower prices.

That’s great to see. To my mind Amazon […]

E-commerce trends 2013-14

I just read the following good list of e-commerce trends for 2013-14 on Quora:

Commodotisation of online stores. Even lower barriers of entry for anyone looking to build an online store (or sell something) led by solutions like Shopify,WooCommerce, Gumroad and Tictail. Consolidation of niche online stores that focus on long-tail products by larger marketplaces e.g. & Referly. Possibly leading […]

Delighting customers is the surest way to build long term value

Jeff Bezos’ latest letter to the Amazon shareholders is a timely reminder that keeping customers happy is the best way to build a sustainable business. He opens the letter by contrasting the approaches of focusing on competitors and focusing on customers:

As regular readers of this letter will know, our energy at Amazon comes from the […]

The next wave of ecommerce

Jason Goldberg, Founder and CEO at Fab wrote an interesting post earlier this week titled The 3rd wave of e-commerce disruption: emotional commerce. For the historians amongst you Jason has commodity commerce as the first wave, which was all about bringing value and convenience to the consumer a la Amazon, and digital commerce as […]