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Facebook remains the dominant social network

It may be that teenagers are deserting Facebook and that their future prospects aren’t as rosy as they were maybe a year ago, but the chart above makes it clear that Facebook is in a much stronger competitor than any of it’s competitors. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are all great businesses that either [...]

Advertising has become content

I love this picture which was a finalist in the ‘Spirit’ category at the Red Bull Illume Image Quest photo competition. The contrast between the obvious power of the wave and the relaxed surfer paddling on top is mind wrenching. The surfer is Sean Woolnough, the wave was in Namoto Island, Fiji, and [...]

Twitter ad revenue near $1bn in 2014

I’m rather late to this, but this morning I was pointed towards an eMarketer projection of Twitter revenues from March this year which has them hitting $950m in 2014, up from $583m this year.

That’s some growth given the scale they are at and explains why [...]

The physical dollars that turned to digital pennies are now becoming mobile pennies10^(-1)

With all the press and analyst speculation last year that the transition to mobile might undermine Facebook’s revenues this isn’t new news but reading an FT article this morning titled Digital cinders spark mobile forest fire the penny finally dropped for me that after the transition to digital shrank many industries, the transition to [...]

Amazon to challenge Google in online advertising?

Amazon has been slowly building an adtech business for the past few years now. Back in 2008 I wrote about the launch of their advertising network and since then there has been a steady trickle of announcements and hires that show they are getting more and more serious about becoming a player in the [...]

Gartner has increased their mobile ad projections, display to grow fastest

Gartner have just released revised mobile advertising projections, showing a total market of $11.4bn for 2013, up 19% from last year. The numbers are up from their November forecast due to faster than predicted take up of tablets and smartphones, and the growth has come at the expense of print advertising.

Gartner also [...]

Interesting stats show Facebook mobile ads are working, especially on Android

There was a good round up of Facebook mobile advertising stats on Techcrunch yesterday, culled from a number of different sources. These are the highlights:

20% of ad spend on Facebook now goes to mobile, from a standing start last March and up from 14% since October 71% of ad spend targeted to phones [...]

Ad-blocking by ISPs

I’m just back from an extended Xmas break and have been enjoying getting back into the news flow and thinking about markets and opportunities. The juiciest titbit this morning is undoubtedly the news that upstart French ISP Free is now shipping ad-blocking software and hardware to its customers with defaults set so all ads [...]

Why clicks are the wrong metric for many brands

Last week I wrote about Facebook’s partnership with Datalogix to measure ad effectiveness by tracking whether people bought a product in store after seeing a Facebook ad. Since then more detail has been forthcoming about why this is a good idea, doubtless aimed at overcoming the privacy objections. This is the most telling:

Smallwood [...]

Measuring ad effectiveness by linking to offline sales

On Friday I wrote about how privacy advocates will welcome Facebook’s release of their Shared Activity plugin which makes it easier for users to control how their actions on Facebook-connected third party site show up in their Facebook feed. Today’s news points in the other direction. This morning I read of Facebook’s project with [...]