Jeff Bezos explains why gatekeepers are a brake on innovation

Regular readers will no that I’m a long-time fan of Jeff Bezos and Amazon and also that I have a keen interest in the evolving roll of gatekeepers in the internet age (see here and here for two recent posts). For these reasons I was very interested to read the following quote from Jeff […]

Whither the open web

I’ve written a few posts now about the rise of new gatekeepers to the web – Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and how that changes the dynamics of innovation to the advantage of those companies and against the interests of both consumers and startups.

I the last couple of days Anil Dash and Alan Patrick […]

Amazon’s gadget as a service strategy

As you’ve probably seen Amazon announced a slew of new devices yesterday, no smartphone, but their four new Kindles have been well received in the blogoshpere, particularly the Kindle Paperwhite and the new Kindle HD, both of which have got me excited.

Perhaps most interesting though is that once again Amazon is playing the […]

Buy Harry Potter direct from JK Rowling on any ebook reader

The news is out today that the seven Harry Potter titles have become available as ebooks for the first time. The interesting thing is that whilst the books can only be bought from Pottermore (JK Rowling’s publishing company) they will work on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Google Play and most other popular […]

Over the top TV – plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and Amazon, companies at the forefront of web delivered TV are increasingly resembling the traditional TV companies they seek to displace. They are now all complementing aggressive licensing strategies with large budgets for developing original content in recognition of the age old truism of TV – content drives subscribers. This leaves […]

As Samsung starts to dominate is Android’s promise of ‘open’ under threat?

I recently read Tim Wu’s The Master Switch (read my review here) the central thesis of which is that tech revolutions start with the promise of freedom to operate, light regulation, plenty of scope for new entrants and a promise of an enduring new order, but always end with regulated monopolies and oligopolies. A […]

Enterprise software companies poised to grow more quickly than ever before

Happy New Year everyone!  I blog every day that I work, and this is my first day back in the office. It is good to be back. I’m optimistic that we can all do some good stuff in 2012 – there were a lot of pockets of growth in tech last year and I […]

The web may not prevail

Regular readers will know that I’m a strong believer in open standards.  I think they provide the best platform for innovation and are the best protection against monopolists.  Hence I would love it if the open web prevailed, and the rising power of gatekeepers like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and even Google annoys me as […]