Google’s 5 Traits of Great Teams

As you may know Google has done an almost obsessive amount of research into what makes a high performing team. This post from Michael Schneider summarises what they found, into five traits that are easy to understand and easy to identify. Very powerful.

1. Dependability.
Team members get things done on time and meet expectations.

2. Structure and clarity.
High-performing teams have clear goals, and have well-defined roles within the group.

3. Meaning.
The work has personal significance to each member.

4. Impact.
The group believes their work is purposeful and positively impacts the greater good.

5. Psychological Safety.
When everyone is safe to take risks, voice their opinions, and ask judgment-free questions.

I love this for it’s simplicity and completeness. Unfortunately implementation sometimes remains challenging.


  • Barbara B Adams PsyD

    Duh. Google has discovered nothing that wasn’t already established by pioneers in the Organizational Development field years ago. Perhaps if their age bias in hiring wasn’t so profound, some of the seniors in the field could have saved them from wasting copious amounts of time having their young, homogeneous teams rediscover what’s already known.