Brexit: One exit the tech sector doesn’t want to see

Yesterday I had an op-ed on recommending that we remain in Europe. I believe that voting to leave would make it harder for our companies to bring in talent from Europe putting our growth at risk. That’s particularly true for the startup sector of the economy which is by far our largest engine of job creation.

Please read the whole piece here.

Thanks to Tom MacThomas and Katy Turner for helping me put it together.

  • christophjaggi

    The UK is and will remain part of Europe, at least the parts that are geographically located in Europe. The European Union is a different beast as it is a supranational political organization formed by its member states. A Brexit would not have any direct effect on the ability of the UK to bring in talent from EU or European countries. As you’ve mentioned, the issue is the granting of visas. In the case of a Brexit there is nothing that prevents the UK from handing out visas.