All new jobs are created by young companies


It isn’t new news that all net job creation happens in young companies, but it’s interesting to see that it’s been consistently true for 31 years. Expect this phenomenon to become more pronounced as startups form a larger and larger part of the economy.

This is US data (source). Would be interesting to see the same in the UK.

  • neil_lewis

    Thank you for this Nic – just wonder if people are aware that nearly all public bodies in the UK exclude companies under 5 years old from any contracts.

    Which would explain why there is no B2B disruptive innovation in local govt, hospitals, schools, police, fire, ambulance, social services etc…

  • I didn’t know that. Shocking!

  • neil_lewis

    Yes it is Nic – I have instinctive known this for a while – but your data drives home the dreadful impact of this public procurement policy. Again, many thanks for sharing…