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Is the ‘winner takes all’ era for marketplaces coming to an end?

By January 8, 2016 3 Comments

On Monday this week taxi app Lyft raising a new $1bn round which included $500m from General Motors. Twelve months ago the received wisdom was that Uber was on a tear and it’s competitors would fail and in response to this  funding news LA Times wrote a piece questioning whether the ‘winner takes all phenomenon’ that characterises so much of the internet doesn’t apply in transportation.

I’m wondering whether the ‘winner takes all phenomenon’ is disappearing more broadly.

In mobile we now have two ecosystems – iOS and Android – that look like they’re self-sustaining. According to observers like Benedict Evans the answer to whether Google or Apple won the mobile internet wars is that ‘both have’.

It could well be that now that in many industries the global market now operates as one massive market with space for multiple large ecosystems to co-exist next to one another.