A reminder that the “web isn’t dead”

By November 19, 2015 No Comments

Google announced yesterday that Chrome now has 800m active users on mobile. That’s up from 400m a year ago. They didn’t say how much of that is on Android and how much on iOS, but there must be a good amount of growth on the latter. That’s impressive given the power of defaults and a welcome news for fans of open systems like myself who have not had much to cheer about lately. As Google said “Not only is the web not dead, adoption of the web is growing dramatically, particularly on mobile and this is opening up huge opportunities”.

On a similar note Google search is now indexing the content of Android apps which don’t have matching content on the web and will stream the content to the device is the app isn’t installed. This has the potential to bring app discovery to the browser and end the app store mess. That would be a massive boon for startups who are largely crowded out of the app stores by larger companies – take a look at the chart.