The new Nexus5x is a good workhorse

By November 5, 2015 2 Comments

I got the new Nexus 5x Google phone on Sunday and have been using it for five days now.
I like it.

It’s a bit bigger than my old iPhone 6 and I was worried at first that would be a problem, but I can still use it one handed and it fits in my pocket OK.

Whilst we’re on the negatives the software mostly isn’t as pretty as iOS and I find myself stabbing frustratedly at the screen a little more often than I used to. I think the battery drains a little faster too.

But the swipe-to-type keyboard works much better, and for me that’s a huge bonus. Writing an email of any length was always a pain for me on my iPhone. Non-swipe typing is too slow and the third party swipe keyboards were glitchy and even when they’re working they don’t seem to work as well as on Android.

In contrast the native swipe keyboard works brilliantly on the Nexus 5. So much so that I feel comfortable processing loads of email on the device and writing long notes (including this blog post).

The other good thing about this phone is the finger print sensor on the back. It’s a fast and convenient way to wake up the phone that has been very reliable so far. More so than the finger print sensor on my old iPhone.

Beyond that the apps are much of a muchness. My password app Lastpass auto-fills inside apps on Android, which is nice, but I miss being able to text from my laptop like I could when I had an iPhone.

So I’m happy to be back on Android (although I will have to buy a new watch…) but reading this post back the striking thing is how little there is to choose between the Nexus 5x and the iPhone.