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eSports – not much happening in the UK – yet

By October 22, 2015 No Comments


Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words and this one shows how eSports have exploded in the US over the last four years.

For those that don’t know, eSports are sporting events where the protagonists play video games against each other in front of paying audiences. In many ways this is becoming like traditional sports, with the athletes training multiple hours per day and big prize pools. Much more detail here.

If you prefer to see these things in graphs, then the one below shows that the growth in tournaments is exponential.


And, of course, Amazon’s $1bn acquisition of Twitch last year shows the value of the audiences watching eSports.

But there doesn’t seem to be much activity in the UK yet. If you go to Google you will find a UK eSports Association which doesn’t appear to be doing much and an article from February this year announcing the first UK eSports arena.

Surely the market here will follow the same path as it did in the US?