The UK is still hot for ecommerce

By September 4, 2015 One Comment

Us Brits are famously a nation of shoppers, and that’s translated into being a nation of online shoppers. For a while we’ve spent more online per head than other developed economies and created more than our fair share of ecommerce winners as a result.

New data out from eCommerce Europe shows the picture hasn’t changed and that there’s still a lot of growth to come:

  • in 2013 the UK spent $142bn on eCommerce, third in the world on a gross spend basis behind the USA and China which have much larger populations. Germany, the next European country on the list, was two places behind the UK with $84bn spend. Germany has a population of 81m and the UK has 64m people.
  • Global eCommerce is forecast to grow at 23% 2013-2014 and 18% 2014-2015. Within that the UK eCommerce is forecast to grow at 17% 2013-2014.
  • There are 7.4bn people in the world of which 4.2bn are online and only 1.0bn are e-shoppers. The equivalent figures for Europe are population: 881m, online: 564m, e-shoppers: 331m.

Lots of eCommerce markets have now been ‘done’ from a venture perspective, but there’s still lots of opportunity ahead of us.