Mobile has 60% of retail browsing and 15% of purchases

By August 26, 2015Ecommerce

I swore out loud earlier today when I read this statistic.

60 percent of retail browsing happens on mobile devices, those devices only account for 15 percent of dollars spent

That’s a massive opportunity, right there.

And what’s interesting is that it’s still with us. Mobile first has been here for years now.

We have good mCommerce models now for regular purchases – Uber and Amazon are two great examples – but for more occasional purchases apps don’t make sense and mobile browsing in its current form clearly isn’t working.

One approach, as taken by our portfolio company Stylect, is to combine entertainment/content with commerce to build an app that people visit daily and purchase from occasionally, but I don’t think this will work for every vertical and what this headline statistic tells us is that there’s a big opportunity to innovate and a large prize for the company that gets it right.


  • Lukasz Marek Sielski

    Can’t give numbers but a lot depends on if you are shop or publisher promoting shop offers. I see sometimes in stats trend of “scouting” on mobile before purchase on desktop. It may be about trust (in network/device). Anyhow it brings great importance to proper use of tracking. There are plenty of projects solving that, one I met locally MobileDonky was showing amazing examples of reaching customer of “abandoned basket”. Tools like AudienceStream try to sell themselves with stories of massive ROI around that topic. There are only examples. But in summary I wouldn’t underestimate mobile traffic. No purchase in first click, doesn’t mean there won’t be in 10th.

  • Hi Lukasz – the mobile traffic still has value, no doubt about that, and tracking across device is rightly a big area right now. The bigger prize though is to convert them there and then on mobile.

  • Lukasz Marek Sielski

    True. I am surprised there are few good solutions for that. Payment processors like Stripe cover that ground brilliantly. So eCommerce can’t blame them 😉

  • Michael Haynes

    I think that one of the biggest pain points in mcommerce currently is how difficult it is to fill out all the forms – especially if checking out on a new website and factoring in that many sites require registration. It becomes a nightmare that most people will just leave and checkout on a desktop. There’s a lot of in-store browsing and price comparison as well.

    Native apps that can offer integration with address book/location data/seamless payment experiences/notifications are definitely the best experience but require a compelling USP to get the app download in the first place.
    There is a definitely a huge opportunity and I’m very interested and hopefully a part of the new mobile future!

  • Might the answer be high quality form-auto-fill from mobile browsers?

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