The lock of traditional TV distribution is weakening

Earlier in the week I wrote that the time for TV and film distribution startups might finally be upon us, arguing that radical reductions in the cost of production are a force for change that could break the legacy arrangements that have held for so long and usher in an era of direct connection between artist and consumer.

This chart shows that TV viewing is declining fast amongst American teens, weakening one of the key points of legacy control and creating more space for new distribution startups to build an audience. I haven’t seen equivalent stats for the UK, but I imagine they would be similar.


  • UK figures are similar. This section from the most recent OFCOM Report on Public Service Broadcasting says it all:

    Consumption of TV content: although younger adults are still regularly watching
    PSB channels their patterns of consumption of TV content have changed
    significantly. Among all adults, TV viewing has declined most. Those aged 16-24 now
    watch 138 minutes of total TV per day, down 17.9% from 2010; this is double the 9%
    decrease in viewing seen across all individuals.

  • Thanks Kerry.

  • The good news is that the overall distribution is growing. That means a larger market for content producers/ rights holders etc. But albeit a more proliferated and heterogeneous one.