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Solar might save the world – encouraging data

By April 29, 2015 2 Comments

Top_5_Solar_StatesLook at that rapid increase in solar power capacity in five US states!

These increases are great news for two reasons Firstly, as we all know, solar is much better for the environment. Secondly as capacity rises, production rises, and with production increases come R&D increases which will continue to drive down the cost of solar energy. The cost of producing a gigawatt hour using solar has been declining exponentially for 20 years now, and with this sort of growth in production and R&D spend that trend is sure to continue or even accelerate (as a point of comparison, increased investment caused the cost of sequencing the human genome from an exponential decline to a faster than exponential decline).

All of this is super important because cheap solar energy is one of the best shots we have of surviving on this planet with increasing population and declining food and water stocks. Cheap enough energy unlocks large scale water desalination and hydroponic farming techniques.

Now I’m wishing even more that the UK had better weather…