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Everyone should be a writer

By February 26, 2015 4 Comments

Blogging has been great for me over the last eight years. It’s helped build my profile, get to know many great people, stay in touch with many others, and maybe most importantly sharpen and deepen my thinking on numerous topics.

These benefits are open to anyone who writes well. We love it when we see entrepreneurs who promote their companies through effective blogging and we encourage everyone at Forward Partners to get publishing.

Yet there are many more people who try and write than are successful with it. A big part of the challenge is simply getting started. Knowing what to say and finding a tone of voice before you have an audience is difficult and time consuming. And writing makes you vulnerable.

Publishing platforms like LinkedIn and Medium make finding an audience much easier these days, but it’s still daunting.

Simply starting is the answer. And then sticking with it. I remember my first weeks of blogging in 2006 – they were painful!

Next up is writing effective content. The reason I’m writing on this subject this morning is that I’ve just read six great tips for effective writing:

  1. know your audience (once you have one…)
  2. write for skim readers – spend time writing great headlines, divide the content into short sections and make your important points stand out (I could do more of this)
  3. don’t show off (a little bit is ok, but don’t over do it – look for the right balance)
  4. keep it simple – short words, short sentences (again I could do better here)
  5. spend time making your sentences easy to read (it’s hard, but worth it)
  6. inject voice and personality into your writing (another thing on my ‘must improve’ list)

It’s been quite therapeutic writing this post! Do go the source material for more detail.