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Friday fun: Tesla insane button and software updates

By January 30, 2015 One Comment

I saw two fun things about Tesla this morning.

First the ‘Insane button’ video below. The Tesla P85D has a acceleration labelled ‘Insane’ (see here for picture) which initiates maximum acceleration from a standing start. For passengers it’s a hell of a ride, as you can see in the video. Stay with it until 2.45 and to see two kids in the back seat.

And second, they released a software update for the P85D that makes the car faster. Owners will literally get into their cars one morning and be told that acceleration has improved and the 0-60mph time has dropped from 3.2s to 3.1s. They won’t even have to open the bonnet. That is software eating the world taken to the next level.

I’ve never been that interested in cars before. I love gadgets though, and what’s changed is that Tesla have made the car a gadget.