Messaging is the story of the 2010s


Everyone this morning is talking about the WhatsApp user data released yesterday, as per the chart above. And you can see why. Getting to 700m users is a phenomenal achievement and growing 75% YoY at that scale is the cherry on the icing on the cake. You can see why Facebook paid $19bn for the company.

But they are far from the only messaging company. Snapchat has 30m active users, Line and Wechat are starting to build their presence in North America, and everywhere I go now somebody asks me to join a Telegram group.

And then Slack, perhaps the biggest story in enterprise software last year, is showing what messaging can do for businesses.

Messaging is definitely the story of the 2010s …. so far anyway. As the pace of change continues to increase who knows what we will see in the next five years.

  • andrewjude

    WhatsApp is clearly Facebook’s “YouTube” moment.

    What is most interesting is this. Global SMS revenue is worth approx $150bn. Facebook has basically gone out and bought everyones attention on SMS which WhatsApp has more or less begun or has already replaced for a snippet of that at $19bn. This is in no way a risky move for Facebook and ensures they completely dominate our time on mobile. WhatsApp will continue to dominate esp. as it has plans to create VoIP/desktop solutions that will further dominate share of mind.

    This attached image is an apt ending to my own commentary.

  • Keshav Malani

    Nick – In relation to Slack, how do you see Yammer faring? They have been around for a while now trying to build the enterprise relationship.s

  • “WhatsApp is clearly Facebook’s “YouTube” moment”

    That’s a great insight.

  • I suspect Yammer is suffering. I haven’t seen any data, but anecdotally all I hear is Slack, Slack, Slack. An interesting question for them is how they make themselves sticky so they don’t go the same way as Yammer. They have done a lot of integrations which will help.

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