Forward’s offer to our idea stage partners

By December 23, 2014Forward Partners

Regular readers will know that it’s the level of support we provide to our partner companies that makes Forward different from conventional venture capital – particularly at the idea stage. If you run the maths then we invest about as much again in support as we do in cash.

Yesterday my colleague David Norris put the embedded presentation on Slideshare which details what that support looks like.

In all areas at Forward Partners we constantly strive to better ourselves, and that is particularly true when it comes to helping our idea stage partners, so please read and feed back.

  • Nathan Schor

    Forward Partners deserve a lot of credit for this approach. I attend events and volunteer at incubators/accelerators in Silicon Valley and it’s very rare when one of them has the courage to take in an idea stage startup and *genuinely* foster it into a growth stage.

    Many make that claim, but all they’re really doing is sub-letting a desk with free wi-fi and coffee. And, of course, the requisite ‘Access to the world’s top mentors and investors’.

    If here you offered and delivered even half of what the slides described, you’d be real popular.
    Nathan Schor [email protected] 305.632.1368

  • Thanks Nathan. We aim to deliver 100% of what’s on the slides. I would say that, but I genuinely think we are getting there.

  • Nathan Schor

    Give me a head’s up when one of the idea startups is ready for marketing/sales in San Francisco.

  • 🙂 Will do

  • Hi Nic, what level of equity do you take for £250k?

  • A significant minority stake. It varies a bit from deal to deal.