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Happiness – a growing trend

By November 14, 2014 4 Comments

I’m at the excellent Hacking Happiness conference in London today and there it’s clearer to me now than ever that we are at the start of a trend towards an increased focus on happiness. So far that has mostly manifested itself in purpose driven companies that are fulfilling places to work. I think that’s amazing, and that we will see more of it, but I wonder if we will also start to see an explicit focus on happiness – for individuals, but especially at companies, and maybe even for whole countries (here’s a good Ted talk on that subject).

To that end we have just started measuring happiness at Forward Partners using a tool called Moodmap.

If you read around different writers say that different things make people happy, but the things that come up most are:

  • strong relationships – friends and family
  • meaningful work
  • positive thinking
  • being thankful

I will be thinking and writing more about this topic. There may even be some investment opportunities.