Happiness – a growing trend

I’m at the excellent Hacking Happiness conference in London today and there it’s clearer to me now than ever that we are at the start of a trend towards an increased focus on happiness. So far that has mostly manifested itself in purpose driven companies that are fulfilling places to work. I think that’s amazing, and that we will see more of it, but I wonder if we will also start to see an explicit focus on happiness – for individuals, but especially at companies, and maybe even for whole countries (here’s a good Ted talk on that subject).

To that end we have just started measuring happiness at Forward Partners using a tool called Moodmap.

If you read around different writers say that different things make people happy, but the things that come up most are:

  • strong relationships – friends and family
  • meaningful work
  • positive thinking
  • being thankful

I will be thinking and writing more about this topic. There may even be some investment opportunities.

  • Lukasz Marek Sielski

    That seems to be a thing. Have you noticed how anonymity in big teams create issues for specialists? There is huge market for many product around happiness.

  • Travis Levius

    Love seeing this as a growing trend…goes quite well with the mission of my current startup venture.

  • pj001

    Definitely agree with the Nic and you would think is common sense. There is an opportunity in this space alongside wellbeing in the workplace. Check out Nudjed (www.nudjed.com), who have recruited a Director of Happiness and also look at http://tloishappening.com/about/

  • Thanks. Interesting links.