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Your MVP should have a minimal amount of everything

By November 3, 2014 2 Comments

I saw this diagram on Twitter this morning (thanks @keiran0) and loved it so much I had to reproduce it here:

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 18.33.08

There is a lot confusion out there as to what constitutes an MVP (Minimum viable product) and this cuts through to the heart of the matter. An MVP has to be good enough that some people will use it, which means that to an extent it needs to touch their emotions, be usable, and reliable, as well as having the minimum viable function.

Getting the emotional design and usability right is really hard without a deep understanding of customers, and I mean deep. The most common mistake we see founders make is to build a product that is functional and reliable but doesn’t map well to how users want to interact with it, or which fails to excite. The worst version of that mistake is when they spec out the MVP and then give it to an outsource developer who has even less understanding of the customer.