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Why be an entrepreneur

By September 18, 2014 No Comments

I just read this on a great post about the paradoxical traits of entrepreneurs:

Creating something from nothing and watching other people use it, love it, and share it is simultaneously the most empowering and humbling feeling. The satisfaction that comes from watching numbers climb as you tweak and improve your product is indescribable. The exhilarating triumph you feel each time you solve an unsolvable problem is your very own version of winning the lottery. And the relief that floods over you when a risky decision pays off mirrors a brush with death and results in similar feelings of invincibility and extreme gratefulness.

In short, the highs are HIGH.

The lows are, of course, low, but for many it’s the highs that make it, or make being an entrepreneur so addictive. If you’re into rapid learning and seeking new experiences there are few options like it.

The article goes on to list paradoxical traits that successful entrepreneurs exhibit – e.g. stubborn yet flexible and both big picture and detail oriented. For anyone thinking of being an entrepreneur it’s a good list to evaluate yourself against.