Forward Partners solo-founders office hours – 19th Sept

By September 3, 2014Forward Partners

We are holding our second open office hours for solo founders of ecompanies in the commerce ecosystem on 19th Sept. If that’s you please come along!

Pradeep explained the details last week on the Forward Partners blog, copied below.


We will be holding Open Office Hours on September 19th to meet solo-founders of ecommerce companies at the idea stage.

To apply please email Pradeep Raman with a brief description of your business idea and a link to your website (if you have one).

Are you a solo founder with an idea? We have worked with a number of solo founders to get their ideas off the ground and find a co-founder. When we backed Matt Fox at SnapTrip, a last-minute self catered breaks service, and Daniel Van Binsbergen at Lexoo, a marketplace connecting SMEs and lawyers, they were both solo-founders.

We typically offer £250k over three tranches to these idea stage businesses where our minimum requirement is that the founder has a well formed and well researched idea. We can help develop and validate the idea, build a product and find a co-founder. You can read more about our solo founder hypothesis here and about how we helped Snaptrip here.

What we look for

It’s simple! We’re looking for great entrepreneurs with great ideas that attack big markets. We have a preference for individuals with domain expertise and we love people who obsess over product and understanding their customers.

Our focus

Our sector focus is the ecommerce ecosystem. We define that broadly to include any consumer facing business where there is a clear transaction/purchase and B2B companies that sell to ecommerce companies. We are particularly innovative shopping models, innovative product companies and software and services for small ecommerce businesses.

Three examples from our portfolio:


  • is a free personal shopping service
  • Lost My Name make beautiful and amazing personalised books
  • Parcelbright helps SMEs save time & money on parcel delivery


We are holding our next Office Hours on Friday 19th September, between 1pm and 3.30pm. You can come in for a 15 min chat with a member of our investment team. We’re happy to give advice, we’re happy to discuss your idea and we’re happy to be pitched.

Once again, if you are interested please email Pradeep Raman with a brief description of your business idea and a link to your website (if you have one).