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Latest Google X project – Project Wing: delivery drones

By September 1, 2014 No Comments

Delivery drones, aka Project Wing, is the latest project to be announced by Google X, the Google department that houses many of their most exciting projects including self driving cars, Project Loon and Google Glass. As you can see from the video below they are using a hybrid plance/helicopter design that takes off vertically and then rotates to fly like a small plane. The payload is winched down to the ground from a couple of hundred feet. This is very different from the equivalent project at Amazon which uses a quad copter design that lands at the delivery site.

I like the way they are focused on the user experience as well as the technical challenges. This from  The Atlantic:

Sergey [Brin] has been bugging me, asking, ‘What is it like? Is it actually a nice experience to get this?

Apparently the experience is very cool. The delivery drone hovers in the sky above you and then winches down the delivery before gliding away. It’s optimised for rural delivery though, and I’m not sure how the winch down would work in cities with tall buildings and limited outdoor space. The other interesting fact is that the drone is limited to a 1.5kg payload.